Set inside the walls of the eccentric Yogatown yoga and wellness yoga center, weird stuff goes down dog. The owner Sven, a former venture capitalist back when he went by Steven, finds himself involved in the least-capitalist of businesses, a yoga studio. Struggling to control the chaos surrounding him, he often unintentionally adds to it. Sven’s half-baked ideas for how to make the studio more successful don’t always pan out and (spoiler alert) the owner of EuroYoga, Bhajan, is ready to steal away his customers. Each episode is a stand-alone short so feel free to jump into the series at any episode or watch ’em all at once. Season one plays out in less time than an episode of Big Bang Theory. Down Dog was made for short attention span fan, fans who watch entire seasons in one sitting, fans of comedy, fans of yoga, and fans of The Walking Dead. Welcome to Down Dog. Don’t f*ck up our Chi, bro. The cosmos relies on it.

What Happens In Season One?

In the first season of Down Dog, we meet competitive yogis trying to out meditate one another, an instructor dealing with psoriasis and abandonment issues, an overly protective yoga dude, an owner trying to invent his own yoga-based currency (it’s just like bitcoin), a germaphobe dealing with her neuroses, a first-timer with his yoga-loving girlfriend, and Bhajan, a fellow yoga studio owner intent on ruining the “imperialist, no sexy-good-peacetime” Yogatown. The confrontation between Sven, Yogatown’s owner, and Bhajan, owner of Euro Yoga, sets the stage for a showdown in season two. Share with friends and large corporations and networks willing to fund an indie web series so we can make that showdown happen.