Writer/Producer Joe LeVine was seduced by the siren call of the comedy world and his love for writing scripts after ten years in real estate private equity. Joe studied business at Cornell University and comedy at UCB, The People’s Improv Theater, and the internet. He continues to perform sketch comedy, improv, and stand-up across the city. A disciplined and talented writer who has honed his joke writing in the short-form sketch and stand up worlds, Joe prefers the long-form complexities of feature screenplays and television formats. His penchant for the absurd and love for experimentation and originality is on display when he hosts Airaoke, the East Coast’s only air guitar karaoke show.

Joe heads up business development at WrongBrain and acts as head writer and producer on most projects. He’s able to see the larger picture while keeping an eye on details so the team can make the most out of the resources available. And if more resources are needed, he’s there to secure them. From conception of the premise to pre-production and financing, his goal is to make sure that on the day of the shoot, the Director, DP, and actors are free to perform at their best. Joe is also an Associate at Dogfish Accelerator, the first ever start-up accelerator program for producers in the film industry.

Outside of film and business, Joe cooks with the underground supper club Studiofeast (7 Train Lunch, TV’s Illegal Eats), skis big lines in Alaska and Jackson Hole, sings James Brown tunes, and visited Graceland. Twice.