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Director Sean Scanlin, has spent the better part of the last decade filming and photographing for widely diverse group of clients. Sean’s client list includes Pfizer, Chapfix, Betsey Johnson, L’Oreal, O Positive Films, The 9-11 Memorial, The New York Public Library, The United Nations Foundation, The Times Square Alliance, New York Yankees, The Akilah Institute for Women and dozens more.

While working with O Positive Films, Sean had the privilege of shadowing commercial geniuses David Shane and Jim Jenkins, two of the top comedic directors in the world. Sean begin his own directing career with first client Chapfix, a lipbalm designed exclusively for men. Since then, Sean has gone on to write and direct commercials, music videos and a documentary in Rwanda. Specializing in performance comedy and a behind the scenes style, Sean’s captured the likes of two Presidents, J-Lo’s butt, a dozen New York Yankees and everything in between.

Sean’s latest work has brought him back to Africa to film a second documentary on the Akilah Institute for Women in Rwanda. Always the supporters of charity, WrongBrain organized a fundraiser for the cause and even raised enough money to bring dozens of soccer balls to the impoverished youth of Kigali.

Currently Sean lives in Greenpoint and, despite growing up in Miami during the fabled days of fast money, easy drugs and Miami Vice, he maintains his childhood has had little or no influence on him. Sean was recently seen walking out of Zara in a linen suit, pair of white loafers and turquoise v-neck.